About JKE Leasing
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Founded With Our Clients In Mind

Being in the leasing space requires knowledge and a customer focused approach to each transaction. At JKE Leasing, you can rely on a team of experts who understand leasing, value your business, and can help you get the equipment you'll need to save time, maximize profits, and expand your business through equipment financing.  


JKE Leasing provides fast, customized financing agreements with the customers business being the main focus. Because of this, we offer flexible financing options to meet the needs of the industries we serve and through our understanding of these markets offer more approvals. We work closely with vendors nationwide to finance customers in less time, with minimum paperwork requirements, and no sale commitments.

Vendors are able to sell more equipment by offering their customers lease and EFA options that increase monthly revenues, save energy, and provide valuable tax-benefits on the financed equipment.

Why Choose Us?

Results-Oriented Approach

JKE Leasing doesn’t just finance equipment. We believe that results are the most important factor when determining the success of any business which is why; from the time you start working JKE Leasing, we are focused on providing your business with the tools it needs to get the most value from financing equipment. We give you helpful resources, account management, and online access to your account through our client and vendor portals. Leasing equipment shouldn't be confusing or difficult, we aim to make the process as simple as possible so you can focus on getting results.

Superior Financing - Streamlined Services - Better Customer Service

If you’re looking for an equipment financing team that truly delivers quality and customer service, we welcome you to JKE Leasing. We believe in offering our clients and vendors reliable leasing options that increase the value of each business we work with. We have a focused, flexible model to ensure that our clients see results for their business in both the immediate, and long-term. We finance equipment efficiently and with less paperwork than other financing companies by streamlining the process of leasing through our client and vendor portals. You have direct access to JKE Leasing's team of experienced financing managers that can help your business during any stage of the process along with helpful account management that allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of leasing.

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