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Here's How We Work:

Best Value Options

JKE Leasing is here to give you value through equipment financing and Leasing options, that are different from traditional banking. Business owners have access to fast funding solutions that provide the equipment they need without limiting their ability to secure capital when it is needed in the future. The business is then able to use beneficial tax deductions such as Section-179 to deduct equipment costs and lower the amount they pay for equipment.


Flexible Payment Options 

No down payment - 1 advanced, First & last options - With less money down than traditional banks require, JKE Leasing can approve your business within just  a few hours without the large out of pocket cost. We can provide same-day financing on small-ticket, non-titled equipment purchases and fund mid-ticket purchases within 48-hours.  Use your equipment now! 

Vendor Financing

JKE Leasing gives vendors the ability to offer financing options to their customers and increase their equipment sales. Fast approvals with an easy application process; no financials required (App Only) on transactions up to $150K and start-up businesses approved for up to $50K! No need to turn customers away due to lack of financing or capital required for large purchases. Get approvals from $5,000 - $250,000 within hours of submission.


Fast Updates & Customer Service

At JKE Leasing you are not stuck waiting on updates or answers for your customer. Once an application is submitted, JKE Leasing will send you real-time updates on the status of the submission and a dedicated finance manager is available to you at every step in our process.

Competitive Value

At JKE Leasing we want you to know that we care about the future of your business. Our team makes the process of financing equipment simple for both our customers and the vendors we work with.

See below to find out if JKE Leasing can help your business;

  • 100% Equipment Financing on New & Used Equipment

  • Financing  On Titled and Non-Titled Assets

  • Small to Mid-Ticket Items

  • Funding From $5,000 - $250,000

  • 12 - 60-Month Terms

  • No Down Payment Options Available

  • Application ONLY up to $150K

  • Start-Ups APPROVED up to $50k

  • Deferred Payments (30 – 60 – 90 Days)

  • Seasonal Payments

  • Step Payments

  • 525+ Credit Approved 

  • 100% Vendor Pre-Fund

  • Private Party Sales Accepted

Capitalize On Opportunity

At JKE Leasing, our team is here to help you expand your business and get the most from what leasing has to offer. We make sure that lack of funding doesn't prevent businesses from getting the equipment they need. When Leasing is used, it doesn't limit the businesses ability to secure additional capital (or equipment) as they grow, or take away from other purchases or needs the company may have down the road.

Get Approved For Equipment Financing Today!

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Easy Application Process

Application Only - (Up to $150K)

  • Leasing Application

  • Equipment Quote / Invoice / Bill of Sale (Private Party)

$150K and Above / Additional Documents 

  • 3-Months Bank Statements

  • Recent Tax-Return, P&L, Balance Sheet on Requests Over $150,000

Getting Approved Is Easy!

Applications are approved fast, with less paperwork, and funded shortly after funding documents are signed.